Concerns with NFR

Date: 06/22/02

Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 00:02:50 +0200 (MEST)

the first question about the financial stuff I cannot answer (don't know).

The question about Marcus Ranum I can answer:
"Our fearless leader was on the cover of the most recent Information
Security Magazine, taking part in a roundtable with some of the major players in the
IDS land regarding the evolution of IDSs. Featured in the roundtable are
Robert Gleichauf (CISCO), Chrs Klaus (ISS), Marcus Ranum (ex-NFR), and our
"MARCUS J. RANUM ( is founder of NFR Security and an
independent security consultant. He built the first commercial network firewall
product, DEC SEAL, in 1990. While at Trusted Information Systems, he built and
managed the president's mail server, He was inducted into the
Information Systems Security Association's (ISSA) Hall of Fame in June 2001."

Third, we already see a great consolidation in the IDS market.
Symantec aquired Axent
NFR aquired Centrax
ISS aquired NetworICE

You should have a look at Andrew Talisker's website:


---------------original message-------------------
>Say, I am looking into NFR for reselling additional IDS technologies. Like
>to get some feedback and had some concerns based on recent discussions with
>other security friends.
>There is a rumor floating around that they are having financial bankruptcy
>problems and I usually do not trust rumors, but with a private company that
>does not disclose its financial status, it is hard to tell. Does anyone
>know if this is even remotely possible?
>Additionally, What happened to Marcus Ranum? He was the founder and driver
>of NFR in its technology innovation. On a recent visit to NFR's website
>under the mgt link (<>), Marcus is not
>listed anywhere. Is this a sign that he is no longer involved?
>I'm concerned when the technology genius and visionary behind a company
>leaves without any statement.
>As a reseller, my customers trust me to sell high quality products with a
>long support life. I don't want to find out that NFR is no longer capable
>of supporting my customers for the above reasons. Can anyone clarify and
>cleanup these issues?
>With too many IDS companies to choose from, I believe this market is going
>to consolidate and many of these players won't be around tomorrow. I'm
>trying to be picky in my selecting of IDS technology. If there is other
>technologies that people would highly recommend, please let me know.
>Samuel J. Cure

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