RE: How does and IDS help to save money??

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Date: 04/15/02

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The findings below were a result of research I was asked to do by a
customer of mine and then generalized to be included as part of my
GCIA practical. I believe it is being added to the SANS reading room
but I don't know when. It might help answer some of your questions.
Comments and feedback are appreciated. Please do not quote or redistribute
without proper attribution.


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> Subject: How does and IDS help to save money??
> Hi all,
> My company (assume XYZ) is in the middle of taking
> some decisions regarding security measures in the
> organisation. We have seen some vendors' IDSes. But
> the question that keep hitting us is
> 1) how does one judge the value of an IDS in the
> network?
> 2) How does it help in saving money? (over say
> something like a firewall)
> 3) What is the ROI on purchasing an IDS
> 4) And what is the TCO for the same
> I would appreciate some figures... some money related
> discussions rather than technical details, etc (have
> seen enough of those). It should make some sense to
> the "white collars" :)
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