IDScenter 1.09 beta 1.2 is available

From: Kistler Ueli (
Date: 03/07/02

Date: 7 Mar 2002 14:36:36 -0000
From: Kistler Ueli <>

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I'd like to inform you about release of IDScenter
1.09 beta 1.2:

IDScenter is a snort managment tool for Windows
platform. It support Snort 1.8.x and 1.7, can send
E-Mail alerts, AutoBlock with Network ICE BlackICE
firewall (Snort logs parsed), program execution by
alert, integrated log viewer, external log viewers
support (for example ACID), alarm sound
(WAV/Beep/none), expermimental "Snort
configuratoin Wizard", autorestart of Snort when
it crashs (but it's not the often the case ;-)
)... and more!


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