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Date: 02/16/02

Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 15:29:30 -0800

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Thanks very much to those that provided suggestions/answers to my questions posted to the list. After reading some posts, I started hoping that I could get a post from some of employees of the more heavily promoted companies that sell MSS (like ISS or Counterpane or Riptech). I did get a number of sales-related messages to my mailbox from the post... but none from any providers I had heard of before.

I did, however, notice that there was a great deal of difference in opinion as to the questions I had regarding 24/7 real time monitoring and pricing structures. I also noticed a few comments about the futility of the MSSP industry.

I have one other question before I finish with my neophyte dialogue:

I found that many who wrote to me were saying what an MSSP *should* be doing--and in the context of my questions, answers regarding *should* were appropriate. However, my question now is to feel-out the general technical community's opinion of the here-and-now. How many of you feel that MSS Providers as a whole *are* providing the kind of service they *should* be providing (or the kind of service that they market)?

The reason that I ask is because one fellow mentioned to me that while MSS is a good idea, it does not translate very well into reality...

Rhetorical questions I ask myself upon mention of that:

Am I going to be throwing money at a business that is destined to fail and leave my business "out in the cold?" Should I be paddling up a different creek?

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