Re: PHP/Dynamic WebMonitor

From: Aide Florent (
Date: 02/15/02

From: Aide Florent <>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 21:52:45 +0100

Le Vendredi 15 Février 2002 19:37, a écrit :
> Why would it have to be PHP?

I am ok with that one :=)

> I don't recall what it uses (I believe it's PHP) but DEMARC is a very nice

NOP Demarc is a perl app (mod_per or cgi: install choice)

> IDS Monitor for Snort IDS Systems.

Yes Demarc is really cool stuff, it is more than just an IDS log browser. It
is also able to check files and services on many hosts at a time and let you
browse through all the data from a web browser.

It is NOT GPL check the license to see how you can use it.
It is decidedly a must see application.

Aide Florent
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