Re: PHP/Dynamic WebMonitor

From: Aide Florent (
Date: 02/15/02

From: Aide Florent <>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 18:59:44 +0100


> I was wondering if you would know any kind of IDS monitor written in PHP =
> which allowed you to search through your log database, which could be in =
> a MySQL database. Anyway I've heard about something like that, and also =
> I've seen some but now I can't find them anymore... Ok, the IDS is =
> snort-based and it really requires snort or similar IDS.
> Anyone using something like this to monitor logs from home or something =
> like that?

this is a program written by the CERT and distributed with snort ( in the
contrib dir of the sourtce package) called ACID

> Thanks in advance,
nop, hope it helps :)

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