RE: [NGSEC] Whitepaper Released: Polymorphic shellcodes vs. Applications IDSs

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Date: 01/27/02

From: robert_david_graham <>
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This paper assumes that IDSs are looking for shellcode.

This is not true. Even in pattern-match IDSs, shellcode accounts for a small
percentage of signatures. In protocol-analysis IDSs, no signature looks for
shellcode (except for the obligatory generic NOP sled sig).

For example, looking at Snort 1.8.1 rpc.rules, I see only 3 rules that have
shellcode in them out of around 60 total rules (and 2 of those are
duplicates accounting for TCP vs. UDP). In contrast, among the 35 BlackICE
rules, 20 detect specific exploits.

E.g. the Snort rule for statdx (sid:1282) detects the shellcode in the
original script (statdx is the most popular exploit for the Linux rpc.statd
format-string vulnerability). In contrast, BlackICE does an
application-layer protocol-decode of rpc.statd, and looks inside a
particular field for long length and format-string characters (%), ignoring
the shellcode completely ("rpc.statd Format Attack", id=2001737).

You can't evade an IDS by morphing shellcode if the IDS isn't looking at

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> Next Generation Security Technologies (NGSEC) is proud to
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> "Polymorphic shellcodes vs. Application IDSs"
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