RE: IDS Sensor on ATM

From: Andy Miller (
Date: 10/10/01

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From: Andy Miller <>
Subject: RE: IDS Sensor on ATM
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 17:31:34 +0100

Are you talking about ATM LAN or ATM WAN as they are different. I know that
there is an entry on the Enterasys Price list that is an ATM Sensor. I don't
know weather it is ATM LAN or WAN but I'm sure they'll tell you if you ask
them. I am currently testing Enterasys Dragon IDS and it is very flexible
(config files allow log dumping to SQL etc.) having now released version 5
(Different Architecture from 4 so be aware). The ATM sensor is sold as an
appliance (1U rack mountable) and is relatively simple to install (much
easier than installing the binaries :)).

Andrew Miller

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On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Eela Sharma wrote:

> > I am not aware about any NIDS that can monitor traffic on a ATM
> > network. Anyone?
> Yes, Niksun's NetDetector (NIDS) can record and monitor ATM Traffic.

I believe Enterasys' Dragon can handle ATM, as well. However, I thought
Niksun's device was more of forensics tool (traffic capture/replay) then a
NIDS device?


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