Batch scripting "Scanreg.exe" on W2K platform

From: Iheagwara, Charles (
Date: 10/03/01

Message-ID: <E5B3448D642AD311A5F0009027848F76875209@MAIL>
From: "Iheagwara, Charles" <>
Subject: Batch scripting "Scanreg.exe" on W2K platform
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 08:31:19 -0400 

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I want to come up with a batch script using "Scanreg.exe" that can search for any strings or rogue files that are left in the registry after an
attack. The two possibilities I have considered include

1. Coming up with a script that can detect strings that don't match the registry. For example, in the script below I am searching for a specific
string "windows"

scanreg /s windows /r \lm /kvde
scanreg /s windows /r \cu /kvde
scanreg /s windows /r \cr /kvde
scanreg /s windows /r \us /kvde

But in a Web production environment where the registry is constantly changing, this becomes a problem. It seems then that only a script that can
identify any string or filename that is incompatible with the registry will work.

2. Coming up with a script that will compare two registries: one standard, the other rogue. The problem here is how do I generate any of these

Please help.



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