RE: Effectiveness of a Honeypot

From: Scot Favorite (
Date: 08/29/01

From: "Scot Favorite" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: Effectiveness of a Honeypot
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 17:56:55 -0400
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>I would not think so unless you knew the cracker was using you a relay

>There must be intent to commit a crime before one can be brought up on
>criminal charges.

>Worst comes to worst, you could be tried as an accomplice. It would be
>harboring a criminal after a
>jail break or crime.

>However, the law must be written before it is a crime. That is if you live
>in a Penal Code state and not a
>Common Law State. Federal laws apply as well.

>former law enforcement major turned geek

I think you are right about being criminally liable but that doesn't mean
you couldn't be held civilly liable for damages. Actually I think you would
be very liable. It will be hard to explain in court that: 1) Yes I did put
system out there knowing it was susceptible to attack, 2) I was hoping it
would be hacked,
3) it was used as an attack vehicle on company X but hey don't blame me. If
I owned company X,
I would blame you for damages done to me based from your network/honeypot.


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