Re: .ida Intrusion Attempt

From: Andre Kajita - Administrador da Rede (
Date: 07/19/01


As the Usenet Newbie once said: "Me too!".

It started today as a matter of fact - I hadn't been hit by a single
"Code Red" until 1100 GMT and now it's every few minutes. It's going
after all my servers that have/had port 80 open in the last 2 years
(four computers) and it's not going after any of my other 92 machines
(none of them have any web services).

I'm gonna make a list of the IPs tomorrow but they all seem to come
from the same hosts.

Oh - I'm not infected of course, my NT here doesn't have IIS running
and my other servers are running Apache.

Let's see how many times I'm hit tonight!

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Andre Kajita - Administrador da Rede <>
Camara Municipal de Sao Jose dos Campos - SP

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