Re: McAfee Web Gateway URL Filtering Bypass


We might be able to fix this by simply doing a ping to the website
before connecting, so that the IP of the host specified matches the
connect field. In any case, the consistency of the host and connect is
indeed a big design flaw.

- Vikram

On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 6:12 PM, Gabriel Menezes Nunes
<gab.mnunes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
# Exploit Title: McAfee Web Gateway URL Filtering Bypass
# Date: 16/04/2012
# Author: Gabriel Menezes Nunes
# Version: McAfee Web Gateway
# Tested on: McAfee Web Gateway 7.0
# CVE: CVE-2012-2212

I found a vulnerability in McAfee Web Gateway 7 that allows access to
filtered sites.
The appliance believes in the Host field of HTTP Header using CONNECT method.


It is blocked.

CONNECT HTTP/1.1 (without host field)

It is blocked.


Host: (allowed url)

The connection works.

From here, I can send SSL traffic without a problem. This way, I can
access any blocked site that allows SSL connections.
Others test that I did is convert GET methods in CONNECT methods.




It will connect.

and after it is possible to send the GET packets. It will work!

This vulnerability is different from the CONNECT Tunnel method. The
flaw is on the Host field processing. The appliance believes on this

So, any sites can be accessed. URL filtering in this device/software
is irrelevant and useless.
One of the most important (if not the most important) feature of this
kind of device is to protect the network in accessing specific URLs.
So, this flaw is very dangerous, and it can be implemented even in
malwares, bypassing any protection.
I developed a python script that acts like a proxy and it uses this
flaw to access any site.
This tool is just a proof of concept.

Vikram Dhillon

To perceive is to suffer.

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