Re: Samba Remote Zero-Day Exploit

Michael Wojcik wrote:

From: Stefan Kanthak [mailto:stefan.kanthak@xxxxxxxx]
Sent: Saturday, 06 February, 2010 08:21

Dan Kaminsky wrote:


(On a side note, you're not going to see this sort of symlink stuff
on Windows,

What exactly do you mean?
Traversing symlinks on the server/share, or creation of "wide"
by the client on the server/share?

Since Windows 2000 NTFS supports "junctions", which pretty much
resemble Unix symlinks, but only for directories.
See <>

And at least since Vista, it also supports symlinks, which are designed

s/at least//

[ well-known facts snipped ]

The Windows SMB server apparently won't cross reparse points, though, so
there's no equivalent vulnerability.

NO, Windows SMB server crosses reparse points!

But as Dan Kaminsky pointed out, you need to have administrative rights
to remotely create a junction on an SMB share, so the non-admin user
cant get himself access to files outside a share he's allowed to access.