FIREFOX URL space character SPOOF

Firefox browser address bar in dealing with the URL, the URL and the
status bar when the space character, there is no reasonable encoding
of the URL. Blank characters behind the malicious code will be hidden.
An attacker can construct a space with a long URL to the URL to

if other site there is a XSS vulnerability, such as:

<a href=''>test</a>

""; which there is a XSS. When you put the code
above, save it as a HMTL file, and then run. You can see the Firefox
status bar, malicious code has been hidden, because of space.While
convenient for users to view, but space is shielding the user's eyes.

I think the Firefox status bar in dealing with the space and the
address bar, it should be URL encoded. At the same time, the focus on
convenience, but also to focus on safety.


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