RE: New Paper: More than 600 million users surf at high risk

My theory - there are gazillion corporate and business apps that don't run on IE7 thus users do not update even their personal PCs (for VPN access to those apps.). I work for a hospital and we have apps that only recently with IE6. When we ask about plans for IE8 support, we get the blank stare. Who doesn't love ActiveX?


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Paul Schmehl to Larry Seltzer:

My completely non-scientific,
unsupported-by-empirical-evidence answer is
no. It's because people who use Firefox tend to
be more aware of security
threats and the need to keep software up to date. It
could also be (at
least in part) because Firefox has a built-in,
enabled-by-default, update
available warning system.

I would agree with both those reasons and add that FF
updates are not
hampered by the disabling of the inbuilt (and often
seriously mistrusted)
OS auto-update mechanisms.

I also _suspect_ that a lot of pirated copies of Windows
probably have
system updates disabled.


Nick FitzGerald

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