Re: [Full-disclosure] Firewire Attack on Windows Vista

Is it not possible for Windows (or any OS) to open up DMA for a device
only to a certain range?

If not, what options are available?

I have various forms of RSI and don't feel like typing it again:

On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 12:00:09PM -0800, Tim wrote:
Of course this is not an optimal fix. The drivers should just
automatically restrict the DMA accesses in real time to a range that is
safe but still permits devices to use it. (Presumably to buffers
allocated specifically for I/O.) Not sure if some devices would still
have problems with this, but I think this is the intended operation of
ieee1394 based on the specs and I'd imagine it would work on a greater
number of devices than having it disabled completely.

So yes, this is possible. AFAIK, driver writers on all sides have just
been lazy. At least with free OSes they have a lame hack to protect