Re: Microsoft FTP Client Multiple Bufferoverflow Vulnerability

Dear Rajesh Sethumadhavan,

In order to exploit this vulnerability you need to force victim to run
attacker-supplied BAT file. It's like forcing user to run
attacker-supplied .sh script under Unix. No vulnerability here, except
vulnerability in human. The second scenario is better. All you need is
to force user to type more than 1000 characters (including shellcode)
in filename without mistakes. You should be extremaly good social

--Wednesday, November 28, 2007, 9:12:03 AM, you wrote to bugtraq@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

RS> Exploitation method:

RS> Method 1:
RS> -Send POC with payload to user.
RS> -Social engineer victim to open it.

RS> Method 2:
RS> -Attacker creates a directory with long folder or
RS> filename in his FTP server (should be other than IIS
RS> server)
RS> -Persuade victim to run the command "mget", "ls" or
RS> "dir" on specially crafted folder using microsoft ftp
RS> client
RS> -FTP client will crash and payload will get executed

RS> Proof Of Concept:

RS> Note: Modify POC to connect to lab FTP Server
RS> (As of now it will connect to

RS> Demonstration:
RS> Note: Demonstration leads to crashing of Microsoft FTP
RS> Client

RS> Download POC rename to .bat file and execute anyone of
RS> the batch file

RS> Solution:
RS> No Solution

RS> Screenshot:

RS> Impact:
RS> Successful exploitation may allows execution of
RS> arbitrary code with privilege of currently logged in
RS> user.

RS> Impact of the vulnerability is system level.

RS> Original Advisory:

RS> Credits:
RS> Rajesh Sethumadhavan has been credited with the
RS> discovery of this vulnerability

RS> Disclaimer:
RS> This entire document is strictly for educational,
RS> testing and demonstrating purpose only. Modification
RS> use and/or publishing this information is entirely on
RS> your own risk. The exploit code/Proof Of Concept is to
RS> be used on test environment only. I am not liable for
RS> any direct or indirect damages caused as a result of
RS> using the information or demonstrations provided in
RS> any part of this advisory.

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