PeopleAggregatory security advisory - re CVE-2007-5631

Hi all,

This is a notification that the remote file inclusion vulnerabilities reported
in CVE-2007-5631 have been fixed in PeopleAggregator v1.2pre6-release-55, and
are not exploitable if PHP's register_globals directive is disabled.

CVE entry:

Multiple PHP remote file inclusion vulnerabilities in PeopleAggregator 1.2pre6
allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary PHP code via a URL in the
current_blockmodule_path parameter to (1)
AudiosMediaGalleryModule/AudiosMediaGalleryModule.php, (2)
ImagesMediaGalleryModule/ImagesMediaGalleryModule.php, (3)
MembersFacewallModule/MembersFacewallModule.php, (4)
NewestGroupsModule/NewestGroupsModule.php, (5)
UploadMediaModule/UploadMediaModule.php, and (6)
VideosMediaGalleryModule/VideosMediaGalleryModule.php in BetaBlockModules/; and
(7) the path_prefix parameter to several components.

Notes from vendor: To be exploitable, the web server must be configured with
PHP's register_globals directive ON. To fix a vulnerable installation, either
turn register_globals OFF in php.ini or via the php_flag Apache option, or
upgrade to v1.2pre6-release-55.

Advisory blog post:

Upgrade instructions:

- If installed via Subversion, 'svn update' in the root of your PeopleAggregator

- If installed via tarball, download the latest tarball from
55.tar.gz and copy all files over those from your existing installation.

Phillip Pearson
Broadband Mechanics