Re: defining 0day

As a professional, I would be happy to see terms like '0day' banished
from the lexicon entirely. It's an essentially meaningless -- all
third-party exploits are zero-day to _somebody_ -- term of boast co-
opted from the warez scene, and we can do perfectly well without it.

I'd accept that. Can we agree on a term that means: "Right now you're
learning about a vulnerability for which there is a working exploit, and no
way to protect yourself short of impacting the availability of your systems
by unplugging them or disabling the affected service."?

I'd propose "unpatched vulnerability with known working exploit", but it's
kind of verbose, and I don't think some of the kids joining our ranks can
string that many complete words together anymore (too much texting).


#include <stddisclaim.h>