Re: [USN-515-1] t1lib vulnerability


On Fri, Sep 21, 2007 at 04:30:31PM +0400, 3APA3A wrote:
CVE-2007-4033 is "Buffer overflow in php_gd2.dll in the gd (PHP_GD2)
extension in PHP 5.2.3 allows context-dependent attackers to execute
arbitrary code via a long argument to the imagepsloadfont function."

Please, provide valid CVE entry.

--Thursday, September 20, 2007, 12:18:02 AM, you wrote to ubuntu-security-announce@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

KC> ===========================================================
KC> Ubuntu Security Notice USN-515-1 September 19, 2007
KC> t1lib vulnerability
KC> CVE-2007-4033
KC> ===========================================================

That is the correct CVE -- the true cause of the gd2 issue was in t1lib,
not gd2:


Kees Cook

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