Re: [Full-disclosure] Firefox bookmark cross-domain surfing vulnerability

well placed splog network can reach millions of users in a couple of hours.

On 2/22/07, Michal Zalewski <lcamtuf@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Thu, 22 Feb 2007, pdp (architect) wrote:

> This vulnerability is cute but not very useful mainly because a lot of
> social engineering is required.

Well, very little trickery is required - having a person bookmark an
interesting page and then reopen it later on, while the browser is still
on its start page (or just about any other high-profile site), isn't that
unusual, and does not rely on an improbable set of circumstances, or the
user being particularly timid.

This problem is not that significant for a different reason - to affect a
small percentage of population, you'd need to invest some serious effort
into providing content and PR for the attack site. Spending several days
to steal GMail cookies from 1000 users is a waste of time when you can get
10000 rooted boxes in hours with a trojan horse e-mail.

So, yeah.


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