Re: iDefense Security Advisory 02.15.07: Multiple Vendor ClamAV MIME Parsing Directory Traversal Vulnerability

On Thu, 15 Feb 2007 13:50:59 -0500, iDefense Labs <labs-no-reply@xxxxxxxxxxxx> said:

Exploitation allows attackers to degrade the service of the ClamAV
virus scanning service. The most important mitigating factor is that
the clam process runs with the privileges of the clamav user and

Clamav may not run in a user/group of its own, and there are several
recommendations to run it as the same user as the amavisd-new content
filter daemon. For example:

| Running ClamAV as root is dangerous and leaves my server open to the
| risk of intrusion, so instead, we run it as the user amavisd, which
| we created in the previous section.


has had new instructions regardin AllowSupplementaryGroups added, but
the old ones read:

| Now open up the clamd.conf file again (mine is /etc/clamav/clamd.conf)

| We need to edit this file and change:
| User clamav
| to
| User amavis

Alan J. Wylie
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