[ECHO_ADV_63$2007] Cadre remote file inclusion

[ECHO_ADV_63$2007] Cadre remote file inclusion

Author : Ahmad Muammar W.K (a.k.a) y3dips
Date Found : January, 31st 2007
Location : Indonesia, Jakarta
web : http://echo.or.id/adv/adv63-y3dips-2007.txt
Critical Lvl : Critical

Affected software description:

Application : Cadre
URL : http://www.cronosys.com | http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/cadre/
Download-path : http://ftp.azc.uam.mx/mirrors/gnu/savannah/files/cadre/cadre-20020724.tar.gz

Description : Cadre is a PHP framework for developing large business applications.
It currently supports PostgreSQL as the database back end (although
this is extensible). We (Cronosys, LLC) have invested two and a half
years in this framework and applications based on this framework.



--------class.Quick_Config_Browser.php --------
include_once($GLOBALS[config][framework_path] . "class.Browser.php");

An attacker can exploit this vulnerability with a simple php injection script.



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~ k-159 (my greatest brotha), the_day (young evil thinker), and all echo staff
~ str0ke, waraxe, negative
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