[OpenPKG-SA-2007.004] OpenPKG Security Advisory (fetchmail)

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Publisher Name: OpenPKG GmbH
Publisher Home: http://openpkg.com/

Advisory Id (public): OpenPKG-SA-2007.004
Advisory Type: OpenPKG Security Advisory (SA)
Advisory Directory: http://openpkg.com/go/OpenPKG-SA
Advisory Document: http://openpkg.com/go/OpenPKG-SA-2007.004
Advisory Published: 2007-01-06 15:15 UTC

Issue Id (internal): OpenPKG-SI-20070106.01
Issue First Created: 2007-01-06
Issue Last Modified: 2007-01-06
Issue Revision: 02

Subject Name: fetchmail
Subject Summary: POP3/IMAP Batch Client
Subject Home: http://fetchmail.berlios.de/
Subject Versions: * <= 6.3.5

Vulnerability Id: CVE-2006-5867, CVE-2006-5974
Vulnerability Scope: global (not OpenPKG specific)

Attack Feasibility: run-time
Attack Vector: remote network
Attack Impact: denial of service, exposure of sensitive

According to vendor release notes [0] and security advisories
[1][2], two security issues exist in the POP3/IMAP batch client
Fetchmail [3], version up to and including 6.3.5. First, several
password disclosure vulnerabilities exist because Fetchmail is using
unsafe logins or omitting the necessary protection through SSL/TLS.
Second, a Denial of Service (DoS) vulnerability exists because
Fetchmail crashes during dereferencing the NULL page, when rejecting
a message sent to an MDA.

[0] https://developer.berlios.de/project/shownotes.php?group_id=1824&release_id=11977
[1] http://fetchmail.berlios.de/fetchmail-SA-2006-02.txt
[2] http://fetchmail.berlios.de/fetchmail-SA-2006-03.txt
[3] http://fetchmail.berlios.de/

Primary Package Name: fetchmail
Primary Package Home: http://openpkg.org/go/package/fetchmail

Corrected Distribution: Corrected Branch: Corrected Package:
OpenPKG Enterprise E1.0-SOLID fetchmail-6.3.5-E1.0.1
OpenPKG Community 2-STABLE-20061018 fetchmail-6.3.6-2.20070106
OpenPKG Community 2-STABLE fetchmail-6.3.6-2.20070106
OpenPKG Community CURRENT fetchmail-6.3.6-20070106

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