Re: Oracle <= 9i / 10g File System Access via utl_file Exploit

Hey Bugtraq,

Just a quick clarification about the recently posted code.

On Wed, 20 Dec 2006, sumit kumar soni wrote:

HI, I don't think so its any new vulnerability or exploit (make me correct).

Yeah, you're right, there's no bug here -- just a feature. I wrote this code during a recent security audit and since i found it to be useful i decided to publish it in the public domain, pretty much as i did in the past with:

As a side note, although i don't believe the mentioned MySQL UDFs exploit an actual vulnerability, i've seen similar code used to get unauthorized access to (misconfigured) systems:

What i believe its a feature to acess OS files. it never come as a good practice to set utl_file_dir=*. On OS you cant set acess for an database acoount like scott or others.

As the advisory you mentioned clearly states:

"Keep in mind NEVER to set the init.ora parameter utl_file_dir=* or to grant the privilege CREATE ANY DIRECTORY to PUBLIC".

Nevertheless, it's not terribly uncommon to find such setups, which allow to escalate privileges from DBMS user to OS user... Therefore, i though it would have been nice to share this proof-of-concept code with the security community;)


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