Re: Multiple Vendor Unusual MIME Encoding Content Filter Bypass

On Thu, 7 Dec 2006 22:00:31 +0300
3APA3A <3APA3A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear Tomasz Kojm,

TK> That's _extremely_ irresponsible to disclose bugs without giving the
TK> vendors any chance to fix them and prepare new software releases.

This is a rare case I can not agree with such statement.

Ability to bypass content filter is not a bug before this issues is
used in-the-wild, like ability to write undetectable virus is not a bug
in antivirus. It may be simply impossible to find all vendors and wait
for all fixes.

I pretty much agree here, however I was particularly talking about the DoS
in ClamAV and not the MIME issue which can be fixed with a one-line patch.

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