Multiple XSS Vulnerability in Gcontact

Armorize Technologies Security Advisory

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Armorize-ADV-2006-0005 discloses multiple cross-site scripting vulnerabilities that are found in Gcontact, which is a Web based address book written in Ajax/PHP offering multi-user, multi-contacts (email,phone,icq,msn,...) & multi-address for each person, birthday reminder by email, mailing-list management, Excel export, etc.

Affected Software:
Gcontact 0.6.5

Vulnerability Description:
Cross-Site Scripting

Allows malicious users to access restricted directories and/or view data outside the normal scope which may lead to information theft and invasion of privacy.


1. Escape every questionable URI and HTML script.
2. Remove prohibited user input.

Credit: Security Team at Armorize Technologies, Inc. (security@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

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