New tool release today - "wyd" - password profiling

Hi list, today we i like to announce that we have now released our new
funny tool "wyd". It is a tool for password profiling.

The general idea is to personalize or profile the available data about
a "target" person or system and generate a wordlist of possible
passwords/passphrases out of available informations. Instead of just
using the command 'strings' to extract all the printable characters
out of all type of files, we wanted to eliminate as much
false-positives as possible. The goal was to exlude as much "unusable"
data as possible to get an effective list of possible
passwords/passphrases. It is very effective to get reasonable
passwords from websites or filesystems.

You can get details and download here:

There are two examples / use cases in the docs directory. Check
example-usage.txt on details. It is very modular and simple to extend,
we would be happy if someone would send us plugin modules for more

Have a nice day