Re: Re: mysql_error() can lead to Cross Site Scripting attacks

Sorry for the little error, *Unpatched.

Just imagine, you have a limited access (sql command are filtered for example) to an sql injection, you don't know the source code of the php script. You can't do anything with the sql injection, all your attempts conduct to an error returned to client. You don't know if there is an admin panel ... you launch the XSS attack. You get the admin cookie, a new category appear, you have now acess to the admin panel.

"1. The database is almost never given by user input."
Not needed.

"2. With proper output escaping this kind of attack is thwarted." -> Yes but examples given on and others php website don't say that.
See for the manual.
See for examples.
Normal(and others) people aren't informed about that.