Re: discloser 0.0.4 Remote File Inclusion (with Exploit)


dr.t3rr0r1st@xxxxxxxxx schrieb am Thu, 17 Aug 2006 21:14:13 +0000:

ok , here we go

foreach ($avail_types as $type) {

Here $type is set to the values of the
$avail_types-Elements and then

include($type . ".plugin.php");

$type is used for include. Initialized with
elements of $avail_types.

here's the source

I see. But I see no vulnerability.

so what's the problem ? your source is correct but
the source that i found the vuln. in it , shows that
there is a Remote File Inclusion Vulnerabilite in
your script

It's not my script.

But where's your inclusion vulnerability?


Dipl.-Inform. Carsten Eilers
IT-Sicherheit und Datenschutz