Re: mtg_myhomepage Component For Mambo R.F.I


Outlaw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx schrieb am Fri, 18 Aug 2006 04:29:43 +0000:

#Software: mtg_myhomepage Component For Mambo 4.5

#Vendor :

I can't find mtg_myhomepage, did you mean lmtg_myhomepage:

#Proof of Concept:

#install.lmtg_homepage.php?mosConfig_absolute_path= SHELL

Here a inclusion is possible. But since you include
your SHELL in a function you hat to start this function
after the inclusion.
And there is no call in this script. So this inclusion
is useles until you find a way to call the function.

#mtg_homepage.php?mosConfig_absolute_path= SHELL

There is no such file.
If you mean lmtg_myhomepage.php: This tests for direct
calls und dies. No way to include&excecute.


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