AUTODAFE: an Act of Software Torture [FUZZER]

Dear list,

let me present you the public release of a fuzzer presented at 22c3:

Autodafé is a fuzzing framework able to uncover buffer overflows by using the fuzzing by weighting attacks with markers technique.

You will find a paper explaining the technique used, the slides of the presentation and the source code. It uses a script language largely inspired by Spike (btw: thanks Dave). The major improvement is the use of a debugger in order to reduce the test space. There is a tutorial (based on real cases) which explains how to use it, to fuzz network based (TCP/UDP) protocols (client and server side) and files (lps, pdf, jpeg, etc.) The second major improvement is the use of dissector (etheral, wireshark) to automatically recognize 750 network based protocols.

Feel free to give feedback, it's a beta release.

Enjoy 8^P

Martin Vuagnoux