Re: Shoutpro 1.0 Version - Remote File Include Vulnerability

# if ($path){
# $ips = file("$path/lists/bannedips.php");
# } else {
# $ips = file("lists/bannedips.php");
# }
# if (in_array($REMOTE_ADDR,$ips)) {
# echo($bannedmessage);
# die;

There might be a terminology problem here.

I don't see how this can be used to execute code. Yes, the file()
call could be used to access a file that the attacker can control, but
the only use of the $ips array is in checking for banned addresses.
The use of file() is not the same as include() or require().

So - attackers could use this to bypass a ban against their IP address
because they can control the ban file, but that's not the same as

- Steve

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