sorry i wrong something, this is original AWF CMS 1.11 adv

this is ok:

Advisory id: FSA:011

Author: Federico Fazzi
Date: 11/06/2006, 22:30
Sinthesis: AWF CMS 1.11, Remote command execution
Type: high
Patch: unavailable

1) Description:

Error occured in spaw_control.class.php,

include $spaw_root.'config/spaw_control.config.php';
include $spaw_root.'class/toolbars.class.php';
include $spaw_root.'class/lang.class.php';

variable $spaw_root not sanitized.

2) Proof of concept:

(note: add a cmd url with final slash (/))

3) Solution:

declare $spaw_root.