Caucho Resin Windows Directory Traversal Vulnerability

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Rapid7 Advisory R7-0024
Caucho Resin Windows Directory Traversal Vulnerability

Published: May 16, 2006
Revision: 1.0

CVE: CVE-2006-1953

1. Affected system(s):

o Caucho Resin v3.0.18 for Windows
o Caucho Resin v3.0.17 for Windows

o Caucho Resin v3.0.19
o Caucho Resin v3.0.16 and earlier

2. Summary

The Caucho Resin web application server for Windows contains a
directory traversal vulnerability that allows remote
unauthenticated users to download any file from the system. It is
possible to download files from any drive on the system.

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3. Vendor status and information

Caucho Technology, Inc.

Caucho was notified of this vulnerability on April 20th, 2006.
They fixed this vulnerability in the latest unofficial snapshot
of Resin 3.0.19, available from Caucho's website.

4. Solution

Upgrade to the latest snapshot version of Resin, version 3.0.19.

5. Detailed analysis

Caucho Resin is a servlet and JSP server. Resin ships with its own
standalone web server which runs by default on port 8080. Any remote
user can request URLs of the form:


to access the root of the C: drive (and any files below it). Any
drive letter can be specified. Only Resin on Windows is vulnerable.

This vulnerability appears to have been introduced in Resin
version 3.0.17, although this has not been confirmed by the vendor.

6. Contact Information

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