FW: call for speakers and thoughts on VoIP Security - there's a long way to go!

Subject: call for speakers and thoughts on VoIP Security - there's a
long way to go!

There's no question that VoIP Security is a BIG issue. Most management
surveys say that it's the first or second reason given for why companies
are delaying on VoIP.

VoIPSA is certainly a resource, as NIST. They publish a free report
(it's really a 100 page book) on Securing VoIP and it's probably the
best guide in the industry. It's also a great VoIP primer and best of
all, you've already paid for it in your tax dollars so you can download
it at no cost. (The administration has not reclassified it as top secret

It's at:

We've also completed a video podcast on VoIP available to the industry

The most important lessons here are the recommendations to avoid soft
phones and to segment VoIP on a VLAN will prevent many of the desired
voip benefits so the security frameworks don't map to reality.

If you'd like to present your work in this field or just learn a more
about VoIP security join us at the Second Annual Voip Security
Conference hosted by IP3 and Illinois Institute of Technology:

Call for Speakers and Sponsors
The 2nd Annual
Managing VoIP Security Conference
(MVSC 2006)
May 17-18, 2006

IIT- Illinois Institute of Technology
Herman Union Building- Conference Center Chicago, Illinois, USA
www.voip-wifi.net or visit: