Re: XSS on Yahoo Mail

From: Jim Ley (
Date: 11/24/05

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    Date:  Thu, 24 Nov 2005 19:28:45 -0000

    "Will Wesley" <> wrote in message

    >This is not exactly a problem with Yahoo!, but rather
    >a problem with the way browsers tend to render HTML
    >when forced to deal with broken tags.

    So it's a problem with Yahoo, as they allow the email, to write to places on
    the screen that is not part of the email. I agree this is certainly down to
    the liberalness of the browsers parser, but that doesn't mean yahoo can
    ignore it, it's just a demonstration of how difficult a job it is for people
    who want to accept arbitrary HTML to be secure for their user

    Of course there is a pretty simple solution, which is to just use an IFRAME,
    then there's no way the email to escape into the surrounding chrome.


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