Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities in GForge

From: Joxean Koret (
Date: 07/27/05

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              Various Vulnerabilities in GForge

    Author: Jose Antonio Coret (Joxean Koret)
    Date: 2005
    Location: Basque Country


    Affected software description:

    GForge - 4.5 (Current)

    GForge has tools to help your team collaborate, like message forums and
    mailing lists; tools to create and control access to Source Code
    repositories like CVS and Subversion. GForge automatically creates a
    and controls access to it depending on the role settings of the project.

    Web :


    A) Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities

    1.- In the Forum Module:


    (NOTE: The group_id parameter is ALWAYS vulnerable.)

    2.- In the Task Module:


    3.- In the Snippets Module:


    4.- In the search engine:

    To try it simply enter any valid XSS test such as "><h1>hi!!!</h1> in
    search field and press enter or try the following URL:


    5.- In other modules:


    NOTE: (rows, cols and wrap paremeter are also vulnerables).

    6.- In the Login Form:

    The login form is also vulnerable to XSS (Cross Site Scripting) attacks.
    This may
    be used to launch phising attacks by sending HTML e-mails (i.e.: saying
    that you need
    to upgrade to the latest GForge version due to a security problem) and
    putting in the
    e-mail an HTML link that points to an specially crafted url that inserts
    an html form
    in the GForge login page and when the user press the login button,
    he/she send the
    credentials to the attackers website.

    POC. To "play" with this, simply go to the login page and insert in the
    login field
    then following text:

            "><iframe src=></iframe><font size="

    B) E-Mail Flood

    The 'forgot your password?' feature allows a remote user to load a
    certain URL to
    cause the service to send a validation e-mail to the specified user's
    e-mail address.
    There is no limit to the number of messages sent over a period of time,
    so a remote
    user can flood the target user's secondary e-mail address. E-Mail Flood,
    E-Mail bomber.

    The following is a "Proof Of Concept" of this vulnerability:

            [joxean@nemobox]$ while [ true ]; do
    > wget http://[target]/account/lostpw.php?loginname=joxean
    > done

    The "pending account" confirmation e-mail is also vulnerable so, a
    mailicious user can
    flood any e-mail box even if they are not GForge registered users.

    The fix:

    There is no fix at the moment.


    There are no workarounds except by using a method to automagically catch
    the XSS
    request such as WASP (available via CVS at or
    mod_security (available at for Apache Web


    25-Apr-2005 Vendor contacted
    25-Apr-2005 Initial Vendor response (without interest on fixing bugs)
    25-Apr-2005 Response to vendor
    04-Jun-2005 One XSS bug (not discovered by me) closed without a fix
    23-Jun-2005 Vendor RE-contacted (No response)
    27-Jul-2005 Advisory released


    The information in this advisory and any of its demonstrations is
    "as is" without any warranty of any kind.

    I am not liable for any direct or indirect damages caused as a result of
    using the information or demonstrations provided in any part of this



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