[TOOLS] CIRT.DK WebRoot Version v.1.7

From: CIRT.DK Advisory (advisory_at_cirt.dk)
Date: 07/19/05

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    Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 10:48:39 +0200

    Name: CIRT.DK WebRoot - Bruteforcing tool
    Version: 1.7
    Author/Developer: Dennis Rand - CIRT.DK
    Website: http://www.cirt.dk
    Copyright: (c)2005 by Dennis Rand
    Remember: This program may NOT be used, published or downloaded by
    any Danish company, unless explicit written permission.
                       This would be violation of the law on intellectual
    property rights, and legal actions will be taken.
    Bugs/Features: Report bug and/or features to contact@cirt.dk

    Thanks to: Philippe Caturegli for all the nice feature ideas

    What this tool does:
        Have you ever been auditing a system where files are stored on a web
    server and accessed without authentication directly
        by an application that knows each file URL.

        Have you tried a number of spider tools but they are based on links so
    they don't pull up anything.

        CIRT.DK WebRoot is a Webserver auditing tools, that tries each and every
    combination (incremental)or a list of words from
        a file, against the Webserver.

        In short:
        A Brute Forcing tool to discover hidden directories, files or parameters
    in the URL of a webserver.

    Version descriptions
        Version 1.0
           I'm back from scratch, this time I'm going to make it a bit better,
    but have patience.
           For now results are only written to screen.

        Version 1.1
           We now have support for saving the scanning into an HTML file
           Decide how many lines of output from the server goes into the report.

        Version 1.2
           More information added into the report start
           Now WebRoot also supports scanning of a HTTPS connection.
           The response in the report now shows the HTML

        Version 1.3
           Fixed a bug in the -diff and -match options.

        Version 1.4
           Added possibility to use -txt if you want the report in pure text
           Added recursive scanning, so if you use -recursive, it will
    bruteforce deeper to search for more.
           Added more information to the update function on what the new version
    are including.

        Version 1.5
           Added possibility to add referer to the hostheader, use eg. -referer
           Added raw logging, pure text and only the word that got the hit, use
           Changed name of the text log -txt replaced with -txtlog
           Added a "GUI" to the scanning.
           Added False Positive Check to the scan to ensure the right result,
    and be disabled with -override
           Added -debuglines for deciding how many lines of output to have in
    debug mode
           Added -debug for scanning in debug mode to also see what is being
    sent and recieved.
           Added -debugdelay for making a delay between each debug request
           Added -Verbose scanning to see findings on screen as they are

        Version 1.6
           Fixed the issue if you do not choose -diff or -match it will by
    default be -diff
           Instead of only being able to delay for seconds, now possible to
    delay for microseconds
               1 second = 1000000 microseconds (Time::HiRes)
           Fixed an error for recursive scan where we remote space and if there
    are errors in URL "/", "/ /", " /" or "/ "
           Added the possibility to resume previous scans "-resume

        Version 1.7
           Added functionality so that the scan will not stop if server responds
           Added timestamp to when a server does not respond or is dead, so it
    is possible to see when
           Added the possibility to use "-noupdate" to avoid WebRoot checking
    for a new version at www.cirt.dk

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