AOL AIM Instant Messenger Buddy Icon "ateimg32.dll" DoS

From: Tom Ferris (
Date: 06/07/05

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    Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2005 09:52:07 -0700

    AOL AIM Instant Messenger Buddy Icon "ateimg32.dll" DoS

    Release Date:
    June 6, 2005

    Date Reported:
    June 6, 2005

    Medium? (if you can exploit it, email me. ;-])


    Systems Affected:
    AIM 5.9.3797 for Windows 98/ME/2K/XP (5.96 MB) and all prior versions.

    Affected Platforms:
    # Windows

    A denial of service (its on the heap) vulnerability exists within the
    AOL AIM instant messenger. Here is a description of AIM from the vendor:

    "Enjoy the convenience of using your AIM screen name as your e-mail
    address-and take advantage of new and improved features, like:
    • Spam and Anti-Virus Protection: Industry-leading security tools help
    keep your mailbox free of annoying junk mail and harmful viruses."

    Security? Anti-Virus? nice... ;-]

    Technical Details:
    The vulnerability exists within the GIF parser in "ateimg32.dll". Below
    are the details regarding this flaw:

    The vulnerable exists within the GIF parser. You can see at the address
    12081BDB, they set ebx with an argument supplied in the last argument:

    .text:12081BDB mov ebx, [esp+arg_C]
    .text:12081BDF test ebx, ebx
    .text:12081BE1 jbe short loc_12081C1A
    .text:12081BE3 mov ecx, [esp+arg_8]
    .text:12081BE7 push esi
    .text:12081BE8 push edi
    .text:12081BE9 mov edi, [esp+8+arg_4]

    Here is what the function declaration would look like:


    struct aim_1 *arg_0,

    struct aim *arg_4,

    char *dest_buff,

    int obj_cnt)


    The last argument is a count. This routine appears to copy each entry
    out until is done. Each iteration fo the loop obj_cnt is subtracted by
    one. At 12081C13 you can see the dec ebx:

    .text:12081C13 dec ebx
    .text:12081C14 mov ecx, esi
    .text:12081C16 jnz short loc_12081BED
    .text:12081C18 pop edi
    .text:12081C19 pop esi

    This is basiclly a obj_cnt--; then you see the jnz. This means that the
    counter isnt zero, then it jumps back up and does it again. Which would
    kind of look like this:






    obj_cnt--; //decrement counter

    if(!obj_cnt) //equal to zero

    break; //leave loop


    Now if the obj_cnt argument is zero, is when we have the problem. When
    you subtract 1 from 0 you get -1. ;-] So, if im correct -1 is really
    0xFFFFFFFF. So it only can can set 0-1=0xFFFFFFFF chunk, where per chunk
    is only 30 bytes. ;-(

    If you want to crash a remote host which is running the AIM client, use
    the following .gif file as your buddy icon in Trillian and message a
    friend which is using the AIM client:

    Or, you can reproduce this problem just by using this buddy icon in AIM

    Dont use AIM~!

    Vendor Status:
    Im sure they will be releasing a patch very shortly.

    Discovery: Tom Ferris

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    Copyright (c) 2005

    Tom Ferris
    Key fingerprint = 0DFA 6275 BA05 0380 DD91 34AD C909 A338 D1AF 5D78

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