Re: [SePro Bugtraq] WBB Portal - JGS-Portal <= 3.0.2 - Multiple Vulnerabilities (09.05.05)
Date: 05/19/05

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    Date: 19 May 2005 11:57:11 -0000
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    >>Cross Site Scripting:
    >>You can abuse the SQL-Injections for XSS attacks.
    >Does this occur because the XSS-style attacks are being injected into
    >SQL queries, which then generate errors because the queries are
    >malformed, and then PHP blindly reflects the malformed query back to
    >the user without quoting XSS-relevant characters? That would seem to
    >be more of a problem with the application's runtime environment
    >(i.e. PHP) than JGS-Portal itself.

    Try the following link:

    JGS-Portal doesn't report an error and the year parameter is passed unfiltered. This is definitively the problem of JGS-Portal.

    If a SQL-error occurs and the error message contains Cross Site Scripting code, than you're completely right.


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