IBM DB2 SATADMIN.SATENCRYPT buffer overflow (#NISR05012005E)

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Date: 01/05/05

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    Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 17:51:29 -0000

    NGSSoftware Insight Security Research Advisory

    Name: IBM DB2 SATADMIN.SATENCRYPT buffer overflow
    Systems Affected: DB2 8.1
    Severity: Medium risk from remote
    Vendor URL:
    Author: David Litchfield [ david at ]
    Relates to:
    Date of Public Advisory: 5th January 2005
    Advisory number: #NISR05012005E
    Advisory URL:

    IBM's DB2 database server, when configured for Satellite Administration
    includes a number of SQL functions. One of these, the SATENCRYPT function
    suffers from a stack based buffer overflow vulnerability.

    The SATENCRYPT function in the SATADMIN schema is vulnerable to a classic
    stack based overflow. The satencrypt function is exported by db2prom.dll and
    one of it's subfunctions creates a 40 byte buffer. User supplied data is
    copied to the buffer until a null terminator is reached in a while loop. By
    passing a parameter longer than 40 bytes allows the attacker to overflow the
    buffer and overwrite the saved return address. By exploiting this an
    attacker can gain elevated privileges.

    Note - by default, public cannot execute this function.

    Fix Information
    IBM has written a patch and can be obtained with the latest fixpak. - DB2
    v8.1 - DB2

    NGSSQuirreL for DB2 ( can be used to assess
    whether your DB2 server is vulnerable to this.

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