RE: Sonicwall diag tool includes VPN credentlials

From: Stephan Sachweh (
Date: 08/02/04

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    Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 09:53:42 +0200

    Milton Lopez <> wrote on 30.07.2004 23:46:07:

    > Our Sonicwall Pro 300 firewall appliance includes a diagnostic tool
    > called "Tech Support Report", which dumps the current configuration
    > info to a plain text file. I have been asked by Sonicwall personnel
    > to email this file as an attachment during several tech. support
    > calls, without any additional warning or explanation.

    Before downloading there is a Warning "You are about to export sensitive
    information in plaintext format. Continue?". So the firmware tells you,
    what you are doing.

    > One of the
    > items included in the report is a plain-text copy of the Shared
    > Secret used for authenticating VPN users. Unless everything I've
    > read about protecting this kind of information is suddenly not true,
    > sending unprotected shared secrets to anyone via email is very bad
    > idea.

    The shared secret is not included in the standard report. You have to tag
    "VPN Keys" before generating the report.
    But sure, the Tech Support Report includes other sensitive information (IP
    networks connected, routing tables, mail addresses etc).

    I would not send this report by plain mail. Normally the TechSupport
    Report should be added to a https protected customer portal site at
    sonicwall. I had never been asked by sonicwall tech support to send a
    report by mail.

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