RE: LinkSys WRT54G administration page availble to WAN

From: Alan W. Rateliff, II (
Date: 06/01/04

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    > Isn't that the Linksys product that runs Linux and all these
    > folks have
    > been making custom firmware for? If so, can't one of those folks fix
    > this bug if Linksys it taking too long?

    Perhaps, but the points still remain that LinkSys is distributing a
    vulnerable product through all channels, retail stores are blowing this item
    out with rebates, and Joe Average User isn't going to upgrade to a custom
    Linux-based firmware because chances are he or she is not aware of it.

    Also, I have received a shit-storm of auto-replies from my original post.

    After wading through 30-or-so of these auto-responses, I found three valid
    emails. The general answer is that I had an open dialogue with LinkSys
    support (case #AEV-14523-534, which refers to #KNU-66355-624,) the problem
    was originally noted to them on 04/28/04, and because of my open dialogue
    with LinkSys support I did not send an email to any other address or
    department at LinkSys.

    In regards to the last part, I do now feel somewhat remiss for not having
    done so, however at the same time a proven security issue should be properly
    communicated from support to the appropriate department. That seems to not
    be the case, and assumption is the evil of all root.

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