RE: After Ms patches last Wed ...

From: phaser-X (
Date: 04/17/04

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    Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 16:44:26 -0700 (PDT)
    To: Alun Jones <>

    I couldn't do anything on the system. If I hit CTRL+ALT+DEL to get into
    the task manager, it literally took about 20 minutes. Everything was very
    unresponsive. I ended up having to use the "repair" feature off the win2k
    CD. It replaced a few files and then the system was fine until I went
    back and re-updated, then the PC crashed after about 15 minutes and upon
    reboot the system was 100% again. I repeated the "repair" option to get
    everything back to normal again. And yes, it was the "system" process
    that was 99-100%, not the system idle process.


    On Fri, 16 Apr 2004, Alun Jones wrote:

    > phaser-X wrote:
    > > I had a different issue after Wednesdays updates. Two win2k
    > > computers in my office were rendered useless after the patch.
    > > They were fine before, but as soon as the patch finished and
    > > the PC was rebooted, the CPU usage was 100% and nothing could
    > > be done. I left both PC's sitting for about 20 minutes and
    > > the 100% CPU usage never came down. Another coworker said he
    > > had the same issue with his home PC and he was eventually
    > > able to get into the task manager and noticed that the system
    > > process was taking up 99-100% of the CPU.
    > Not that it's necessarily the case for you, but frequently patching is the
    > one time when reboots are almost bound to occur - as a result, an awful lot
    > of bugs are discovered after the patch, but not necessarily because of the
    > patch. General advice is to try uninstalling the patch and see if the
    > problem still exists, before deciding which way to debug - not very easy if
    > you have all your CPU locked up!
    > As to the "system process" taking up 99-100% of the CPU, there is a "System
    > Idle Process" that is _supposed_ to do that. I hope your coworker hasn't
    > misconstrued :-)
    > Try calling PSS (you know, tech support?), and see if they have any ideas.
    > Alun.
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