Happy belated Personal Firewall day - SRT2004-01-17-0628 - Agnitum Optpost firewall allows Local SYSTEM access

From: KF (dotslash_at_snosoft.com)
Date: 01/17/04

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    Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 14:04:36 -0500
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    Quick Summary:
    Advisory Number : SRT2004-01-17-0628
    Product : Outpost Firewall.
    Version : 1.x and 2.x
    Vendor : http://www.agnitum.com/download/outpostpro.html
    Class : Local
    Criticality : High (to Outpost Firewall users)
    Operating System(s) : Win32

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    vs advisory release. List subscribers will have advanced access to working
    proof of concept code depending on the severity and list subscription type.

    Basic Explanation
    High Level Description : Outpost Firewall allows local SYSTEM access.

    What to do : Apply update from vendor or limit local access.

    Basic Technical Details
    Proof Of Concept Status : SNO has Proof of Concept.

    Low Level Description : In the words of agnitum... "With hacker attacks
    and data theft rampant on the Internet, you need a constant defense to
    safeguard your PC. Antivirus protection is not enough! The comprehensive
    solution for protecting you and your family online is Outpost Personal
    Firewall Pro, the world's foremost security application.". Outpost will...
    "Protect your system from hackers, Guard the privacy of your data, Monitor
    network activity, Maintain and control your privacy on the Web, Remove
    annoying ads, And more!".

    Our testing was done on the demo version of both Outpost 1.0 and 2.0.
    We took all defaults while installing from OutpostProInstall.exe. No other
    tweaks to the settings of Outpost were made.

    Once started the outpost service provides a tray icon that is available to
    all users of the system. outpost.exe runs as SYSTEM so this poses an obvious
    security risk.

    If you wish to take local system rights from Agnitum Outpost Firewall do
    the following steps.

     1. right click tray icon...
     2. choose "options..."
     3. choose application or plug-ins
     4. click Add...
     5. browse for c:\winnt\system32\cmd.exe and right click on it...choose open.

    Now you have a command prompt running as the user SYSTEM.

    There is also a similar alternate method...

     1. double click tray icon.
     2. click Help.
     3. click contents.
     4. right click help content...
     5. choose view source.
     6. you now have notepad.exe running as SYSTEM... taking cmd.exe from here is
     a matter of going to file then open, and duplicating step 5 above.

    Proof Of Concept: Live exploit code will be under our research shortly. Thanks
    to Brett Moore for all the conceptual help... sorry for my dumb questions!
    See http://www.secnetops.biz/research/ look for outpost_ex2.exe and outpost_ex2.c
    We will update our whats new section when the exploit is available.

    A screenshot of exploitation can be located at (without registration):

    Vendor Status : Vendor is has a fix for the issue. A vendor
    supplied patch should be supplied in the next week or so (of 1/17/2004).
    "We are glad to inform you that the problem you had reported was solved.",
    "We plan to release new version in a couple of weeks.", "We strongly
    recommend that you join the Agnitum News mailing list at www.agnitum.com/news
    to keep informed of security issues that may affect you, and of new
    version release."

    We (Snosoft) also reccomend you sign up for their list... they are very hard to
    communicate with otherwise. Web forms and long delays were what we encountered.

    Bugtraq URL : To be assigned.

    This advisory was released by Secure Network Operations,Inc. as a matter
    of notification to help administrators protect their networks against
    the described vulnerability. Release of exploit code is done at our
    own disgression.
    All content of this advisory is property of Secure Network Operations.
    Secure Network Operations, Inc. || http://www.secnetops.com
    "Embracing the future of technology, protecting you."

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