RE: Gamespy uses DMCA to destroy bug research and full disclosure

From: Ed Carp (
Date: 11/12/03

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    Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 15:19:50 -0600

    > -------------------------------------------------
    > Universal vs. Reimerdes Case Details
    > -------------------------------------------------
    > DeCSS is a program designed to circumvent CSS (Content Scramble System),
    > which is the technology that motion picture studios (I.e.,
    > Universal) place
    > on DVDs to prevent the unauthorized viewing and copying of motion
    > pictures.
    > CSS allows DVDs to be played on computers and DVD players, but does not
    > allow the copying or manipulation of a DVD's contents.
    > DeCSS decrypts the CSS protection mechanisms, thus allowing the
    > copying of a
    > DVD's contents onto a computer system for full manipulation and
    > copying of
    > the newly created (and very large) computer file. The large file can be
    > compressed using a freely available compression application
    > entitled "DivX"
    > that allows for the transfer of the compressed file back onto a DVD, or
    > across the Internet. DeCSS was marketed for the playing of DVDs
    > on multiple
    > platforms, as well as for the copying of DVDs. The writers of DeCSS claim
    > that their intention was to produce a program that allowed DVDs
    > to be played
    > on the Linux operating system (something that was not available at that
    > time).

    It is extremely important to point out that DeCSS, or any other decryption
    software, does not "permit" the copying of a protected DVD any more than the
    gas pedal on your car "permits" you to speed. DeCSS has nothing to do with
    the ability to copy a DVD, but affects the ability to view the DVD on an
    operating system other than what was originally intended.

    In fact, I can copy DVDs to my hard drive all day long, without any special
    hardware or software - all I have to do is open Windows Explorer, select the
    DVD-ROM drive, and drag-and-drop all those nice big .vob files to my hard
    drive. If I want to burn those files to another DVD, nothing prevents me
    from doing so, and certainly not CSS. I could burn 100 copies of my brand
    new Terminator 3 DVD, and CSS has nothing to do with it.

    I would think this point would be obvious, but you'd be surprised how often
    I've had to point this out to talk show hosts.

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